want to know how your telephone system is performing for your business?

With application solutions from Worth Comms you can monitor calls in real time, review phone call records and play customised hold messages

We supply and install easy-to-use call management software that enables you to take control of your telephone system. It not only allows you to monitor how your system is being used, but also how cost-effective it is for your business. The software can analyse the data it takes from your business systems reviewing individual departments, lines, extensions and even down to individual calls.

The software allows you to:

  • Record calls for training purposes including real time listening for spot checks
  • Monitor levels of incoming and outgoing calls including time, date and cost
  • Check how quickly the phone is being answered
  • Make sure calls are not being missed
  • Play standard ot customised messages on hold
  • Analyse the most expensive calls
  • Identify abuse or misuse of telephones
  • Ensure sufficient telephone cover is provided at peak times
  • Link your phone and computer systems with CTI software to improve customer service, information flow and reduce cost base
  • Add hotel application module to log guests in/out and record their room phone useage for billing
  • Set up cost centres to make departments responsible for their telephone calls
  • Manage sales teams responsible for outgoing calls
  • Supervise support teams responsible for incoming calls
  • Review data remotely from a password protected internet or intranet site.

This is a fast developing area of telecomms with regular new software releases so if you have requirements not listed above or you just want to talk through current options please call us on 0800 652 6115 and we'll be happy to answer your questions.


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