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Surveillance cameras can greatly increase the security of your premesis...

Keep your staff safe and protect your business assets by installing CCTV cameras. Worth Comms now offers a range of IP security cameras and accessories starting form only £100 - call today for a demonstration...

Panasonic IP Cameras and Accessories
Knowing your premises are secure can give you the confidence that your staff are safe and that your assets are protected. Alarms and locks can help prevent thieves and vandals from entering your premises but if they do break-in, then cameras can give you the extra security you need to find out when and how the incident happened.

Panasonic IP cameras and accessories can greatly increase the level of security in your premises by recording any criminal activity so you can find out when and how the break-in occurred and even identify the thieves. Panasonic IP cameras can help protect your business assets whether you run your business from home or have a large office complex or retail premises.

The Home Network Camera range is ideal for home offices or small office spaces as they are simple to install and offer versatile recording features so you can have the right cameras to suit your business requirements. Panasonic IP cameras allow you to view footage over the internet in real-time so you can monitor your premises from any location on your PC or mobile phone.

For larger premises, Panasonic IP surveillance cameras can be networked across the property to record key areas such as entrances, low windows and car parks. In retail premises, Panasonic IP cameras can be positioned at cash registers for example which will also allow you to monitor the activities of your staff.

Panasonic IP cameras are very easy to use and can be networked throughout your property and then linked back to the Network Disk Recorder which feeds images directly to a computer for you to view. The IP cameras in most models will automatically assign an IP address to each camera so you don’t have to worry about the hassle of manually setting the cameras up. The surveillance camera network is flexible so you can add cameras anywhere along the network, allowing you to monitor exact areas of your choice. The cameras are powered by the network so you don’t need to run awkward and expensive cables throughout your premises, making the IP Panasonic cameras a cost effective choice.

Panasonic IP cameras - key features
  • Video motion detection with auto tracking to follow movement.
  • Zoom lens for facial or number plate recognition.
  • Illumination for night time surveillance.
  • Multiple live camera footage for viewing numerous areas at once.
  • Integrated remote monitoring to view images via the internet.
  • Instant backup in case of network interruption.
  • Alarm function.
  • Audio recordings.
  • Full range of accessories including smoke covers and installation brackets.

Cameras start from as little as £100 so to find out more about which Panasonic IP cameras are right for your business, please contact Worth Comms today.


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