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A phone system is one of the largest investments that your business will make so it’s essential that you choose the right infrastructure and implement it correctly. Buying a system that doesn’t fit your business means you will end up tailoring the way you work around the system which can lead to allsorts of problems down the line.

We will help you work through every stage of the decision making process to ensure that you get the right system for you. We supply, install, commission and maintain many different telephone systems ranging from a simple two analogue line with six extension system, right up to those that can handle dozens of ISDN channels and hundreds of extensions. We also frequently network systems together to link sites in different locations plus we have engineers trained in the latest IP generation systems to allow ‘teleworking’.

Our guide to what you should think about when buying a telephone system…
The technology used by computers and telephones is quickly converging offering your business new applications that can improve efficiency and even change the way you work. In the industry this convergence is known as CTI (Computer Telephony Integration) and is becoming an important factor to consider when deciding what telephone system to buy.

For example, did you know that you can have something called ‘screen popping’ when callers ring in? This means that if their calling number can be identified and their details are on your contact database, those details will automatically appear on your computer screen. Using the same software, with a click of your mouse, you can place a call to a contact direct from your PC screen and voicemail messages can be transferred to your mobile phone, or sent as an audio file to your e-mail account.

You should also consider the expansion possibilities and add-ons you may wish to invest in at a later stage. For example:

  • How many extensions does the system you are looking at go up to?
  • How many lines will it support?
  • Can you upgrade to having voicemail or CTI?
  • Do you need digital ISDN lines to get Direct Dialling In (DDI) functionality and maybe cut down the number of lines you need?
  • Or, will analogue lines give you the services you want now and in the future?

Telephone System features you should consider:

  • Call logging: this records the numbers dialled by individual extensions
  • Call barring: this bars users from dialling out certain numbers
  • Automated attendant: callers are offered a series of numbers to press to get to the correct department/extension
  • Conference calling: most systems do provide this but make sure the handsets you want to use have a microphone as well as a speaker
  • Paging: again you need to ensure that microphones and speakers within handsets are adequate
  • Calling Line Identification (CLI): this requires a handset with an adequate display screen
  • Music on hold: ensure that this is customizable to your taste
  • Directory phone book: this is an internal directory listing all company contacts available for users to dial
  • Door system: the facility to link a door lock to the telephone system

More hints and tips when buying a telephone system

  • Don't get too much functionality: often the temptation is to buy something that is too complex and has facilities you will never use. Consider the features, but ask yourself "What benefits would this bring to my business?"
  • Ask us to explain a product's abilities over and over until you are happy you understand.
  • Buy a system that can be upgraded: technology develops very quickly so always try to buy a system that can be changed or added to when your business needs it and when you can afford it.
  • Think about the level of staff training would be required for a given system
  • Consider whether you want your staff to be able to reprogram extensions for different users using a simple computer interface or do you want us to do it for you?
  • Think about how quickly you will need changes actioning
  • It is widely believed that it is better to get the same company to supply, install and maintain the system so make sure your supplier can do all three for you.

We appreciate that there are a lot of questions to ask and we are happy to answer any you have to ensure that you are totally happy with the system you purchase from us.

Business Partners
We are proud to be a Panasonic Business Partner. This means we have achieved the highest level of expertise and training in all their systems plus additional applications solutions and services. We offer the Panasonic KXTDA and the KXTDE telephone systems. The latest systems come with Sip trunking and IP phones built in.

We also deal in Siemens ISDX and Realitis ISDX. These have unrivalled call handling capabilities and are the ideal solution for large corporate multi-site customers. Combined with the Siemens Procentre ACD system they offer multi-site call centre working with centralised services. We do work with many other telephone manufacture’s systems so please do ask if you have a particular manufacturer or system in mind.

2nd User Equipment
We have many different types of 2nd user telephone systems of all sizes in stock. They all come with full warranty and maintenance backup – please ask for more details.


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