Expert mains cabling installation for your business from our specialist industrial electricians

At Worth Comms we offer the full installation service for your computer, telecoms and mains cabling system. We can help you choose which products are right for you and then our team of experts can install them with minimum disruption to your company.

When it comes to electrics it is always recommended to get the experts in. Electricity can be very dangerous and saving a few pounds using an unqualified company to install your main caballing or attempting it yourself can end up costing more down the line and could result in injuries.

Worth Comms’ mains cabling installers are a highly trained team of commercial and industrial electricians who can install entire cable networks for businesses in the Yorkshire area.

Where your cables are being installed in the building can make a difference to the type of cabling needed, for example, areas in a building which tend to be hotter such as insulated areas need special types of cabling. The type of cables the mains cabling installer will use also depends on the position the cables will be in, the length of the run, the grouping of the points they serve and the type of device by which they are protected. Our team of expert mains cabling installers can create a bespoke cabling network which is right for your business so you know you’re making the best investment.

All our commercial and industrial electricians are NICEIC registered and they can install, test and certify mains electric wiring for any commercial and industrial jobs. Being NICEIC registered means that all our mains cabling installers are regularly assessed to be sure they meet relevant technical and safety standards. This guarantees that your office mains wiring will be installed expertly and safely.
Worth Comms’ industrial electricians can also install other types of cabling as well as mains cabling installation. Our industrial electricians can undertake data cabling, CAT5 installation, CAT6 installation and fibre optic cabling installation for businesses in Yorkshire.

Upgrading or installing mains wiring for your office does not have to be costly and our expert mains cabling installers can ensure that your return on investment can be quickly realised. By using our commercial and industrial electricians to install your mains cabling you can benefit from fewer electrical breakdowns, save more on your energy costs and increase staff and client morale with an inviting, well-lit and safe office environment.
Contact Worth Comms today and see how our mains cabling installers can create a safer, better working environment for offices in Yorkshire.

Worth Comms is based in Keighley and provides cabling services to businesses in the West Yorkshire area. 

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