5 Tips for IT Disaster Recovery

Disaster recovery is essential for every business and it’s one of the many IT services Worth Comms provide. Many businesses rely on being able to access information stored on their servers and take it for granted that this information will always be available. Businesses also use their IT systems for day to day activities which are crucial for a business to function such as emails, accessing databases, accounting and running their website.

Not preparing for potential IT disasters can mean that months and even years of records, documents and work could be lost forever.

The IT services from Worth Comms is like having your very own in-house team of experts on hand when you need them. Our skilled individuals are dedicated to keeping all aspects of your IT infrastructure working efficiently.

Worth Comms IT services, based in West Yorkshire, can help you prepare for the worst and take care of your IT systems should anything go wrong. We’ve put together our top 5 tips to help your business stay in business if disaster strikes.

1. Planning
When planning for disaster recovery it’s important to define what is essential to keep your business operating. The importance of certain IT services differs from business to business. For example, one of our West Yorkshire based IT service clients use email to carry out all their correspondence, so ensuring their email system works at all times is their number one priority. You should also consider who within your company has the authority to determine the status of the disaster and how others will be informed about the potential downtime of the IT systems. Being organised is the best way to manage a disaster. Contact us to see how our West Yorkshire IT services can help your business be prepared.

2. Testing
There’s little point installing a disaster recovery process unless it’s tested. A recent survey by Hewitt Packard revealed that only 26% of businesses actually test their disaster recovery solution due to the costs involved and potential disruption to the business. The effectiveness of your disaster recovery plan can only be assessed if plenty of testing is carried out, at least once a year and in realistic conditions. Contact Worth Comms, one of West Yorkshire’s leading IT service providers, to see how we can help you reduce your vulnerability.

3. Back Up
Backing up all your documents in multiple locations is one way to ensure your files are not permanently lost if disaster strikes. Performing off-site and on-site data back-up and storage means you can spread the risk of losing your documents. If your documents are stored off-site then recovery can be much quicker. If your employees save their work to their laptops or desktops then double check that they’re also backing up work on your main company network as well as their own machines.

4. Bandwidth
Adequate bandwidth is vital to ensure that if a failure happens then your most recent data is backed up and accessible. To find out your optimum level of bandwidth measure your current level of use, average rate of change (how much your current database changes on average per hour) and sustained peak rate of change (the period of greatest change over a sample of two weeks) to see how much data has changed. Worth Comms IT Services can help you decide on the optimum bandwidth so you can be sure you have sufficient space on your server to store all your data.

5. Redirection
Getting your staff up and running on the network in the quickest time possible is essential so your customers and clients experience a minimum disruption of service. By having your email system working you can notify clients and customers of changes to your business activity during any downtime. There are several methods to redirect email clients some of which include route updates, DNS updates and bridged network. Let Worth Comms help you choose the best solution for your business whether you need IT services in the West Yorkshire area or further afield.

Although planning for IT disaster recovery can be time consuming, incorporating the 5 tips above in your plan will save you time and money in the long run. Worth Comms IT services can help your company to recover quickly and effectively from a disaster and avoid significant business interruption. Follow the link to request a quote for your IT services in the West Yorkshire area.

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