6 Key Features to Consider When Buying Your Business Phone System

Choosing the correct phone system for your business is a big decision to make. Worth Comms is one of the leading phone system specialists in West Yorkshire, and we’ve put together the most important features to consider before you purchase your new phone system. West Yorkshire businesses can take advantage of affordable and reliable phone systems from Worth Comms, call now on 0800 652 6115 to see how we can help you. If you want to find out more about how to choose the right phone system for your business then check out our quick guide below.

The key features for your phone system should include...

1. Call forwarding
Don’t miss out on business and make sure your phone system can forward calls on to another extension if the first phone is busy or no one is available to answer. If a potential client is calling then call forwarding allows other members of your team to deal with the call.

2. Call waiting
Be prepared for your next call with a call waiting service. Call waiting functions let you know when the next person is on the phone and waiting to be put through to you. You can avoid missing calls and frustrating clients by being available as soon as you finish your previous call.

3. Hold
A hold function allows you to manage your calls so you don’t have to inconvenience your clients by calling them back. Placing clients on hold while you solve their query or find out more information enables you to deal with their enquiry there and then.

4. Speakerphone
Using a speakerphone function, during conference calls for example, means that you can facilitate open communication between colleagues and clients. This is important if you use your phone system in West Yorkshire but even more crucial if you trade internationally and face to face meetings can’t always be arranged.

5. Call recording
A call recording system can help with staff training to monitor calls and ensure colleagues are providing the correct information. Recorded calls can also be used to document difficult conversations where confirmation is needed to solve any possible disputes.

6. Voicemail
It’s essential for every business to have a voicemail service, particularly if you’re a small to medium business and don’t have an appointed receptionist to take messages. Without an effective voicemail system you could lose out on potential business and leave current clients frustrated.   

Worth Comms phone systems services include all these features and many more so you can chose a bespoke package to suit your requirements. Whether your office is based in West Yorkshire or further afield, we can provide a phone system that works for you. Follow the link to request a quote for your phone system in the West Yorkshire area.

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